Submit Manuscript

Submission of Research paper: -

·         Research papers must be of 3500 to 8000 words, excluding the footnotes. Research paper must reflect the theme on which research has been done by the authors. The authors can follow any research method in their research paper. The research paper must focus on the specific problem i.e., socio-legal issues or any other topic which has some relevancy in the legal field. The research paper must be accompanied with the genuine suggestion by the authors.

Submission of Article: -

·         Article must be of 2000 to 5000 words, excluding footnotes. Article must reflect the topic chosen by the author. It should focus on the socio-legal issues or any other issue which the author deems fit and has some relevance in the legal field. The article must be precise to the point from which the readers can get the insight knowledge and can open the new perspective on the selected topics. Format of the article must be same as the research paper except the abstract (abstract is not necessary).

Submission of Case Commentary: -

·         Word limit for case commentary is from 1500-3000 words. Case commentary is the critical analysis of the court’s judgment where the author finds some relevant point of argument on the given judgement. The author must follow the format same as the article format.