Publication Process & Policy

·         After the submission of the manuscript, the process of publication starts. Mostly it will take almost 3-5 working days to finalise the publication process along with the issuing of certificates of publication to authors.

·         Submission of manuscript must be done either by clicking here or through email.  after the submission a confirmation mail will be sent on the given mail id of the author.

·         As the submission of manuscript gets completed a review process get started under which the submitted manuscript will be reviewed. If the review board find some flaws in the manuscript it will be notified to the concerned author.

·         If the manuscript passes the review process, then it will be selected for the publication in our journal and that will be notified to the concern authors via mail.

·         As the author receives the selection mail of their manuscript, a processing fee will be charged by the authors for the publication of the manuscript.

·         After the payment made by the author, the manuscript will move to the uploading process on our website.

Note - As the uploading process gets completed, the authors will be awarded with the soft copy of the publication via the given mail id.