Sex Crimes : A Comparative Study on Indian Laws

Author - Esha Sarda

Student - ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad

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A lot of changes have been noticed from the ancient period to the medieval period and from the medieval period to the modern-day except one thing i.e., violence on women, making them feel inferior, sexual assaults on women. Everything has changed except the mindset of people including women. Men think they are superior to women and they commit violence and force women to do things without their consent. Women on the other hand think they are inferior and treat their husbands like god and let them beat or torture them sexually and non-sexually.

This research paper deals with such sexual violence and crimes against women that has been happening and is continued. It also deals with the laws that are made to protect women and their rights. This research paper also contains previous landmark judgements and other cases to analyse the condition of such crimes in India in a better way. It also contains recommendations to ensure stricter laws against these crimes.

Download Research Paper - Pdf

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