Indian Labour Law and its Impact on Unemployment

Author - Poorva Singh

Student - Sharda University

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India is one the country having its more than half of its population engaged in the labour class employment. To protect this section of working class from the exploitation there was enactment of labour laws having international standards protection of workers. The objective for enactment of this legislation is to prohibit discrimination on various grounds as the Indian Constitution of India also prohibits discrimination of citizens on the ground such as religion and sex. It provides safety at work such as prohibition of child labour and forced labour and also to provide safe treatment of the employee in the course of employment, promotes skill development and training. As mentioned in the Indian Constitution, it empowers state government and central government to enact suitable laws in order to protect and regulate the rights of the workers and to create more employment opportunities for them.  In this paper author has discussed how Indian labour laws has impacted on the unemployment. To represent workmen in the board of Indian Company there is no statutory requirement. Unemployment is also one of the biggest issues for the developing country like India. Also in this paper various labour laws which have come up- pre independence to the current time.
Download Research Paper - Pdf

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